Anonymous Collective Reveals VPN & DDoS Referral Program

The announcement emblazoned with the trademark EST.2024, signifies a step forward in incentivizing the group's clientele.

In a recent development on the dark web, the hacker group has introduced a referral program for its and . The group is offering a complimentary plan to individuals who successfully refer clients making purchases from their VPN and DDoS offerings.

The announcement emblazoned with the trademark CLOUDSTORM DDOS EST.2024, signifies a step forward in incentivizing the group's clientele. The referral program spans both the Privacy Shield VPN and CloudStorm DDoS services, aiming to reward those who bring new customers into the fold.

Anonymous Collective Privacy Shield VPN and DDoS Services

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Under the program, if a referrer brings in a client who purchases any plan from the VPN service, they receive a free three-month plan. Similarly, for clients subscribing to any plan from the DDoS service, the referrer is granted three free hours to target and attack any specified destination. Notably, the value of the client's purchase does not impact the rewards – a unique and inclusive approach by Anonymous Collective.

This move comes on the heels of Anonymous Collective's recent threat to release hacked data from a major Egyptian government website. The hacker group is demanding immediate action from the Egyptian government regarding their perceived lack of support for Palestinians and hindrance to humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Cyberattack on the Egyptian government

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In a strongly-worded message directed at President El-Sisi, the group accuses the Egyptian government of misleading statements regarding their role in the Gaza humanitarian crisis. The group contends that Egypt, as the sole country bordering Gaza, has failed to offer substantial support or assistance to the Palestinians during the ongoing crisis.

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Anonymous Collective insists on an immediate policy shift, demanding that the Egyptian government provide assistance to Palestinian refugees and facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza. The threat of a substantial data leak looms large, with the group warning that if there is no response from the Egyptian government by the stipulated time, all exfiltrated data will be made public.

As the Anonymous Collective continues to make waves with its provocative actions, the introduction of the referral program adds a new dimension to its operations. It remains to be seen how this initiative will impact the group's standing within the dark web world and whether it will attract a surge of new clients to their Privacy Shield VPN and CloudStorm DDoS services.


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