“Urgent Alert: New York Plastic Surgical Group Faces Data Breach – Patient and Employee Records at Risk”

As the largest practice of its kind in the United States, New York Plastic Surgical Group, a Division of Long Island Plastic Surgical Group is among the most well-established plastic surgery practices in the nation. Founded in 1948, New York Plastic Surgical Group offers compassionate and comprehensive care through the collective medical experience of its specialty-trained surgeons. The doctors of NYPSG a is well known specialists across the world and one of the best in US.

The network of this company has been breached and as a result over 700GB of data leaked from there. These leaked data contains a lot of sensitive data related to patients and employees, including medical records and company’s documents.
We have been trying to reach to the NYPSG top management with an offer to protect leaked data for a several weeks. All our messages still unanswered. NYPSG board of directors being called everyday for a week with the message about leaked data. None of the NYPSG management answered our messages, yet.

That is why you can see the sample of this leaked data.
We have been trying to reach NYPSG management for a very long time. Our messages been send to – Tommaso Addona, Jerry W. Chang, Thomas Davenport, Laurence T. Glickman, Rachel Ruotolo, Lealand M. Deane, Michael Dobryansky, Barry K. Douglas, Matthew S. Kilgo, Noel Natoli, Richard G. Reish, Roger L. Simpson, George Xipoleas, Finny George – none of them even tried to figure out what is going on.

Since we are people of business and we our main goal is the money we will provide very last opportunity for the NYPSG to protect their patients missing data.
NYPSG top management have 7 days to contact us and start the negotiations. Otherwise all the data will be disclosed to public.

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